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Professional Radiant Panel Design Manufacturers – New York: About Us

About Us

NESR Inc. is the leader in custom-designed, radiant-heating solutions for your home. Here at Sunboardpanel™, we pride ourselves on family values and approach each new job as if it were going into our own homes. As premier radiant panel specialists, we get the job done and get it done right.

Our Sunboard Radiant Heat Panels have been designed by a team of engineers and flooring experts that address the issues that come up during installation.

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Professional Radiant Panel Design Manufacturers New York

Because of our propriety design and sheer volume, Sunboardpanel™ is able to provide a superior product at competitive prices that never been available in the industry. With our unique radiant floor heat process, we can now offer all families an affordable heating system that was only available to the super luxury market.

Our installations are on-time, flawless, and tailored to match your schedule and budget. Special attention is given to our customers needs, whether Sunboard is installed by us or your contractor. We provide loop layouts for flooring design solutions customized for each client.

Our goal is customer satisfaction on each and every project, and a senior project manager is assigned to each installation to ensure your experience with us is flawless from start to finish. 

Please note: Sunboardpanel™ is a non-structural radiant panel designed to go over the existing subfloor or on a concrete slab.

Do you have a project in mind?

NESR Inc. can provide you with a full color loop layout for your radiant heating project from your plans emailed in CAD 2000 or DWG format.

Radiant Heating System New York

Do you have a project in mind? Our professionals can help you out!